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Rising Sun & Co

There was a time when jeans were not merely made but crafted. Rising Sun & Co. handcrafts indigo clothing that capture the optimistic spirit America is founded on. By reviving the tradition of quality American needle work we create only the highest grade of garments. Nostalgic for this golden age of craftsmanship, we labor.

We often think of ourselves as actually working in the early 1900’s with our 21th century minds intact. We believe in the meticulous pattern making and sewing techniques employed by master tailors of a bygone era. We believe in crafting garments that are certain to last just like in the old days when clothes were tools that helped people provide a living and build a nation. For us the workmanship is crucial. It’s our belief that the sum of all the small details make a world of difference. It is this conviction that sets us apart.


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