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  • Levis`s Vintage Clothing 501XX 1933
  • Levis`s Vintage Clothing 501XX 1933
  • Levis`s Vintage Clothing 501XX 1933
  • Levis`s Vintage Clothing 501XX 1933

Levis`s Vintage Clothing 501XX 1933

These are not sanforized at all – please expect them to shrink
Unsanforized: There is a high rate of shrinkage up to 2” in waist and 3” on lenght


A pair of jeans from 1933 had belt loops, but still had the cinch and suspender buttons, offering a variety of ways the pant could be worn. Some owners wore their jeans with a belt. They cut off the cinch right at the rivet, and removed the suspender buttons, choosing to wear their jeans not like the older generation did with suspenders. Some Levi® Brand retailers even kept a big pair of scissors at the cash desk to cut the cinch off for their customers. The 1933 501® Jean also featured the redesigned “Guarantee Ticket” on the back pocket of the jeans.
The company had trademarked the name “Levi’s®” in 1927 because any pair of denim pants were being called “Levi’s®” no matter who made them. Instead of reading, “This is a pair of them,” as seen on the original ticket from 1892, the new ticket read “This Is A Pair Of Levi’s®.” Also under the leather patch was a small white cloth label printed with a blue eagle and the letters “NRA”. This was the National Recovery Act logo, which Levi Strauss & Co. was allowed to use because the company abided by the labor rules of President Franklin Roosevelt’s National Recovery Administration during the Depression years of the 1930s.
Cone mills Red Selvedge Denim. 2 back pockets. Exposed back pocket rivets. Belt loops. Cinch (removed). Two horse leather patch. Crotch rivet. NRA (national recovery act) label. Single needle Arcuate.

Design Details

Cone Mills 10oz Red Selvage Denim (12oz after wash)
Two-back pocket rivets
Belt loops
Suspender buttons
“Two Horse” leather patch
Crotch rivet
NRA (National Recovery Act) label

Made In USA

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